Evergreen Garden Centre in Szombathelyen and in Sopron expects people who like ornamental plants.
Choose any ornamental plant you wish in your garden or balkony.

Our garden Centre and Nursery in Szombathely started as a family business.
Our hobby was gardening and this became a genuine passion throughout the years. Our team expanded with nice and professional colleagues, who are keen on ornamental plants equally, consider the fame of gardening and customers’ needs important.

Our Garden Centre deals with retailing and wholesaling of evergreens, mediterranean plants, ornamental trees, ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, balkony plants and herbs in Szombathely and in Sopron.
Along with the two garden centres our nursery is developing rapidly, we grow evergreens, solitaire ornamental trees, and ornamental shrubs on a more than 10 acre territory.

Apart from grow your own plants we provide a wide variety of importing plants, meditarranean exotica, fruit graftings, berry fruits, perennials, seasonal plantsrock garden plants, indoor plants, gardening accessories, ceramic pots, flower holders, balkony boxes, pots, stone pots, stones, soils, mulches in the Garden Centres in Szombathely and Sopron .

Besides customers we are at service of wholesale parners, garden designers and retailers, too.

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