AGRO-LARGO Agricultural and Commercialr Ltd. has been founded in 1990. The share capital is 10 million HUF, the company has almost half milliard HUF equity and an own automobile park. The annual turnover is nearly one milliard HUF. The company's main profile is the production and export of sowing-seeds. Generally the production takes place on a territory of 3500 ha. Our commercial activity is based on the distribution of grass-seeds, hybrid corns, medicago sativa, papillonacea, trifolium incarnatum, sinapsis alba, helianthus annus and other small-seeds, where we have gained several years' experience. Our small- and big packaged grass-compositions are very famous all over the country, our share in the home market is constantly growing. We dispose of the grass-compositions in boxes and sacks of our own production. As a supplementary activity, we can provide -within the frame of a complex agricultural service- pesticides and artificial fertilizer for our partners, and we are agricultural technical consultation and training. For the expansion of the activity of our company, we established our own sowing-seed factory in 1992, where we can organise the professional cleaning, storing and packaging of the produced sowing-seeds. The other guarantee of the high quality is that OMMI and our partners and professional consultants are permanently controlling the seed-producing areas. AGRO-LARGO Ltd. received the certificate of the ISO 9002 quality-management system on the 27th March 2000 and the ISO 9001:2002 certificate on the 18th June 2003, and this is what we regard when doing the production, cleaning, packaging and commerce of sowing-seeds. The export, regarding the whole activity of our company, composes a total of 55 Because of our various partnerships we have production and export obligations to numerous countries of the European Union, like France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and we are permanent providers of the markets of the neighbour countries, like Bohemia, Slovakia, Romania and Austria . Our company can provide appropriate amount and quality of stocks fund for the domestic and export requirements, through our available technology, by utilizing the Hungarian species and the sowing-seeds improved by Ceccato Sementi Group. Sphere of activity of the company: - Agricultural small and wholesale trade - Production of cereals and other plants - Storage, warehousing Main products of the company: - Small and big packaged grass-seed compsitions - Medicago sativa - Fodder plants - Other small seeds.


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