Agromag Ltd. was established in 1990. We are a market oriented private seed company actively involved in domesticating and representing different varieties of the most important field crops in Hungary. Since the beginning our firm has been developing dynamically, its field of activity has been widened and formed continuously. We deal with seed production, process and trade. We domesticate and represent varieties from the following species: maize, sunflower, wheat, spring barley, winter barley, triticale, soybean and hemp. We directly test the varieties and handle the official registration procedure. We produce and sell the seed of the represented varieties of the above mentioned species. The basis of the quality seed production is our seed plant situated at Telekgerendás, the South-Eastern part of Hungary. The container dryer is suitable for drying 120 containers in the same time. In 2000, 2004 and 2009 we increased the capacity building new dryers for drying sunflower seed.

Agromag Ltd. has become one of the significant firms in the seed business in the last decade. Besides the conventional seed verticum, the Ltd. uses bank credits to finance production of maize, milling wheat and sunflower for human consumption and for oil industry. Its banking background is determinant for the financial status of numerous large and small farms. Another part of the company’s activity is trading with agricultural products: grains, flour and different kinds of agrochemical. The significant part of our income is foreign trade. There is an increasing tendency in exporting agricultural products. We have a wheat flour mill in Makó. The turnover of the company is around 8-10 million Euros.

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