<p agroselect="" and="" p="" plantbreeding="" style="" text-align:"="" trading="">The Agroselect Company Ltd. was established in 1994. Earlier its owners were the employees of the Seed Production and Sales Company as plant breeders. The Company is a 100 �ungarian holding. Five employees having M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees manage the activities of the Company. The number of employees is 5-10 persons. The annual net income of our company is 50-100 million HUF, about 75 �f which comes from exportation. We make production contracts every year with about 25-30 farmers, and the production is organized and co-ordinated by our company. Our activities are characterized by the following slogan: from the selection to the end-product in one hand This means first of all the production of sowing seeds of our own selected varieties and marketing of sowing seeds and the production and marketing of commercial seeds. We participate in the home and international scientific life and we have wide range international market contacts as well. Registered varieties and hybrids of our Company: Shell-less pumpkin: Szentesi Futó, Szentesi Oliva. Alfalfa: Szarvasi AS-1, Szarvasi AS-3, Szarvasi AS-5, Szarvasi AS-6, Szentesi Róna. Hybrid Maize: Szarvas Édesszárú (Sweet stalk), Gabi (Export).

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