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Dear Partner!
Our company was formed in 1990 but many of our colleagues have been improving fodder-crops by breeding, producing and selling seeds since 1984. The results of our improvement by breeding programme are our own breeds: Monori édes common sorghum Zöldözön Sudan grass Áron parsley Sorghum bicolor (experimental crop) Our company has been the breed-owner of the lucerne type Tápiószelei 1 since 1997. This choice was proven to be a very successful one because this type has been known in public cultivation since 1967. Beside producing small seeds, the seeds of these crops play a definite role in the production system of Agroszemek Kft. Of course we are at your disposal with a supply of every type of crop seeds available in Hungary. We believe that you will be satisfied with our products for a long time and that with our advice on cultivation we will also contribute to the secureness of your income and profit. In hope of our future cooperation: János Feczák Managing director. Our current field of research is energetics.

What can the Agroszemek Kft provide for you in the energetic programme? -25-year experience in growing -input materials (seeds, etc.), which are necessary for technology -proposal for the means of exploitation – chaff, pellet -proposal for furnaces and for biogas plants In the last two years, our experiences and sites of experiments were: -the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Gödöllő -Lambion Boiler Plant, Germany -ELBH s.r.o. HAVLICKOVA VITAVOW Boiler Plant, Bohemia -Biogas Plant, Schönkirchen Tel: 0036/06-62/533-720 Fax: 0036/06-62/533-721 Mobil phone: 0036/06-30/93-80-266 Hungary, Hódmezõvásárhely, Makói országút 212/a.

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