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The Agro-industrial Share Corporation of Bácsalmás is situated between the two rivers Duna and Tisza, on the most southerly part of the county Bács-Kiskun, directly nearby of Serbian border, at the meeting of Észak-Bácskai Löszhát (loess-surface of North-Bácska) and Kiskunsági Homok-hátság (sandy surface of Kiskunság). Ecological conditions give favourable opportunities for the successful farming. Considering the soil conditions, it is a little heterogeneous. The dominant type of soil is the "csernozjom" soils, sometimes the loose sandy soils. The climate is very dry, continental. The average quantity of the mean yearly rainfall is 500-600 mm. The farming is going on 6000 hectares. The number of employers is 300. Considering the owner-ship it is a private agricultural company. Considering the direct activity of share Corporation is agricultural basis-activity. Inside plant-production, pig-farming, milk-cow-farming, seed production and seed processing, agricultural service, and animal-feed production. The basis of the qualitative pork-meat production-which gives the biggest income for the company - is our pig-farm, in which there are 3600 sow and progeny. The capacity of this pig farm is over, than 62.000 porkers per year. The second most important activity of animal keeping - which gives the daily income for the company - is the milk-cow-farming. The number of this is 1000 milk-cow and progeny. The yearly milk-production is about 7 millions litre. We sell our sowing seeds not only in our country; our foreign distributors include Slovakian, Moldavian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian and Serbian companies. Every year our research station makes experiments with plant varieties (sunflower, cereals, rape, maize) in a field of about 50 hectares, which helps our marketing and advisory work.. We test and exhibit plants commonly grown and planned new varieties as well. In the course of the research work, we test the plants in different respects, record the results and publish them together with our own practical experiences. The fodder-demand for the above mentioned lot of numbers animals is assured by the department of plant-production, but in some vintage we have to buy fodder. Our third most important product - which has got the biggest past and tradition - is the seed for sowing. At the time of the exploration of hybridisation the Agro-industrial Share Corporation assured the 80 % of sunflower seed-demand of Hungary many decades. Nowadays this rate became stable in 5 %. The cereals-seed-demand of the region is satisfied nowadays completely by our Share Corporation. The considerable part of sunflower seed and the smaller part of cereal seed are distributed to exportation to abroad. The seed production of so-called alternative crops is going on the basis of foreigner order first of all. The technological background of the production of excellent quality seeds is our up-to-date, well-equipped seed factory. For the development of variety-policy and for the working up of methods most modern agrotechnology and plant-protection help the works of our research-station. The results of these trials is used officially by OMMI (National Quality Institute). Our wide range of sowing seeds includes sunflower, soybean, oil radish, wheat, barley, triti-cale, durumwheat and other sowing seeds. We have sunflower hybrid, which are on the EU-list: ZOLTÁN PR, NSH-111, Calagen, Florigen. We undertake sunflower seed-production and seed-processing for order, as a rentwork.

Address: Agro-Industrial Share Corporation Bácsalmás H-6430 Bácsalmás, Backnang u. 2. Hungary
Phone: 36-79-342-144 Fax: 36-79/342-240

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