About our company: We are one of those companies who are working in the organic plant production in Hungary. We are certificated by the Biokontroll Hungária Kht (acredittation number HU-ÖKO-01) since 2000, cause this also by the IFOAM. The new certification from the BCS-ÖKO Garantie GmbH (NOP) since 2005. Our most important seed production are the German wheat (spelt), hybrid maize, peas, white mustard, red clover, hybrid sunflower, common vetch and soybean. Some other products from us are the winter raps grain, oil sunflower, rice, forages maize. We are planting in 300 ha in a good tillaged fields. The yields aren’t too higher but equivalent with the common Hungarian ÖKO results, for example: Hybrid maize 2-4,5 t/ha (finished goods) Peas 1,5 t/ha (finished goods) German wheat 4-6 t/ha (in spelt) We are dealing our products in Europe and in Hungary. We have some important partners in the trade of ÖKO products (Blattmann GmbH, Biograins Sarl, Estimpex Vetõmag Kft, Natur Gold Farms Kft, Fair Trade Kft).



<p style="&quot;text-align:" justify"=""> Yours faithfully Izsó Lajos

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