Civis Seed Kft. was established in 1991. When it was founded, its main activity covered the production and trade of seeds within the country borders. Our company produced several hundreds of varieties from 17 species (peas, beans, corn, sunflower, wheat and vegetable plants, industrial bird food, etc.) on nearly 2000 hectares. As from 1998 we have specialised in the production of pea seed only. Production is done on a contractual basis and is supported by our consulting network. On an average, we have pea seed grown in 5 counties on approximately 1500-2000 hectares by nearly 50 growers, including primary growers, private persons, co-operative societies and large companies, too. We have the best Hungarian, German, Dutch, American and English varieties, altogether 37 of them. We cover the whole assortment; we produce garden peas for retailers, green pea seeds for the canning and freezing industries, as well as fodder peas for the purpose of forage and bird food. An average of 30 varieties is produced every year.

In our plant in Debrecen we process about 2000-3000 tons of products in the main season. Our storage capacity is 2500 tons, which equals to 50f all the pea seeds needed for all the pea seed production areas in Hungary. In the field of pea seed production we use foreign and Hungarian species, and we also strive to produce our own species. Together with Agrona Bt. ( we have been producing new species and also sustainig old species in an experimental area of 3 ha. Pulse plants like peas suit the Hungarian crop rotation system completely, they tolerate the rain and temperature conditions charateristic here.

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