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Csenkesz Bt. Grass seed seeding mixes Wholesale of Grass seed mixes from Hungarian and European producers, and Scotts turf fertilizers since 1991. Grass Seed Products: Grass seed mixes for sport fields, garden, and special use as shadow, industrial, revitalization, turf, meadow, golf etc. Our grass seed products comply with the characteristic “Pannon” climate have virtually no weeds, provide great coverage and contain varieties that help produce a green, thick lawn for a wide range of purposes. The lawn fertilizers are indispensable to form a thick, green carpet of grass. The wide range of Scotts products enables to feed grass plants from seeding to the care throughout the year.

More information: www.csenkesz.hu Contact: Klára Körmendy phone: (36) 30 34 999 22

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