<p style="&quot;text-align:" justify"=""> The Mv Elitmag Co. was established in December 1991 with the aim of organising and executing the production and trade of winter and spring cereal seeds bred or domesticated by the Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences situated in Martonvásár. This activity is carried out in accordance with the authorisation of the owner of the varieties. The Co. also assists the continuous provision of conditions required for the maintenance of the varieties. The Mv Elitmag Co. provides all-inclusive representation of each winter and spring cereal variety bred or domesticated by the institute. The company has considered it the main duty from the beginning to supply its seed producing partners, in as early as the year of registration, with high-grade seed of new Martonvásár varieties showing superior traits in terms of both yield and quality, and to provide the seed producers with high-grade seed of winter and spring cereals on a regular basis in order to ensure continuous seed supply. The commercial activity of the Co. is complex, including the introduction of the latest registered varieties to the market, and the trade of registered varieties. As the company is the exclusive representative of Martonvásár varieties, our overall marketing activity involves professional counselling and the organising of field shows as well. On the basis of the information available, the Mv Elitmag Co. supplies farmers with the varieties most suitable for the given technological and agroecological environment, thus contributing to the improvement of the efficiency of plant production. As well as performing a comprehensive marketing activity, the company directly takes part in field shows, enabling plant producers to get acquainted with the results of plant breeding programmes conducted in Martonvásár and the traits and agrotechnical needs of registered or candidate varieties or hybrids. The aim of the Mv Elitmag Co. is to contribute to the economic success of our partners in as a short time as possible through the results of the breeding and developing activity of several years. Plant producers sowing the certified seeds of Martonvásár cereals have the advantage of professional knowledge gathered for over 50 years and the consequent excellent quality and advanced technology in the competition at the market of the European Union. As a result of the professional expertise accumulated for over half a century in Martonvásár, and the successful seed producing and trading activity of Mv Elitmag Co. and its partners, over 50f the sowing area of cereals and panicle plants in Hungary is sown by farmers, companies and individual entrepreneurs with varieties bred or domesticated in Martonvásár.

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