Our company was functioning as a state-owned institution since its foundation to 2008, belonging under the administration of the Ministry of Agriculture. It was taken over by the National State Property Agency Ltd, and since 1st January 2009 it has been functioning as a non-profit ltd., which manages state property and keeps the course of innovation in its entity and integrity.
The company contributes to the competitiveness of agriculture with 183 registered plant varieties and hybrids of  23 plant species, the total growing area of which covers domestically and abroad ca. one million hectares annually.

Plant species:

  • bred at the company currently as well
    • winter and spring types of bread and durum wheat, barley, triticale and oats; and winter rye;corn, grain sorghum, silage sorghum and Sudan grass;
    • sunflower, winter rapeseed, soybean, linseed, millet, Hungarian millet and buckwheat;
  • under the variety ownership of the company
    • broomcorn, onion, garlic, peanut, castor oil plant, pumpkin and amaranth.

Well-established scientific and technical background:

  • The efficient scientific and research activity, well-known and appreciated in foreign countries as well, can be attributed to 60 highly qualified research workers with 1 member of HAS, 5 academic doctors; and 18 candidates and scientists with Ph.D. degree, respectively, among them. The research workers participate both in the domestic and foreign scientific public life in numerous associations and corporations, and they are also co-operators in joint projects with foreign partners.
  • The operating capital of Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd. amounts to more than one milliard HUF. The level of mechanisation, instrumentation and computerisation ensures the technical conditions of compatible crop improvement and the efficient continuation of goal-oriented laboratory analysis.
  • The success in participation in R&D projects has been guaranteed by the scientific and research activity of our company. The company has participated in 23 funded R&D projects since 2000, with 3 EU projects among them.
  • Farmers may rely on our extension service for crop production. The company publishes the journal Kutatás és Marketing (Research and Marketing) and the quarterly Cereal Research Communications.
  • The company’s research workers were authors or co-authors of more than one thousand scientific and popular scientific articles in the past decade.
  • Being visiting lecturers of agricultural universities (Gödöllő, Debrecen, Szeged) and professors of the affiliated doctoral departments, the company’s research workers have integrated researches and agricultural education.
  • The breeding, marketing, seed multiplication and sale of crops is based on a network of more than 200 domestic partners and 50 foreign companies and institutions embracing the research and market sphere.
  • The company’s innovations and novel products were awarded by the Grand Prize of the Hungarian Innovation Foundation, the Prize for Agrarian Innovation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (3 times), and the Prize for Innovation of OMFB (Committee of National Technical Development). On agricultural exhibitions, our commitment to high quality was acknowledged by the Grand Prize for Produce, Prize for Produce (3 times), Extra Award, and the Prize of the Plant Production Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the past five years. The international recognition of the company is highlighted by the Prize for Seed of International Exhibition in Canada and the International Trophy for Seed Export.


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