Hidasháti Inc. contrary to other domestic agricultural companies has no several hundred years history and tradition. The company’s forebear, called State Farm Békés dates back to 1949, it was established at the time of acreage taking into public ownership. Its territory belonged to private lordships formerly. Hidasháti State Farm has been founded in 1952 with the merge of Békési and Mezoberényi and Köröstarcsai State Farms. In the next years, State Farm Vizesfás and Biharugra fishery had been annexed. These merged farms were situated very far from each other, and each of them had their own history and different activities. The scattered territory has remained up to this day. The activities in every district had been determined by the local circumstances and environmental requirements. Cultivation of plants, seed processing and milk production became the most profitable sectors. In order to assure the quality level of agricultural production, a garage was built in 1955. The first American product, a John Deere tractor and a New Idea picker husker were bought between 1974-1976. The following constructions were the build up of the seed factory (1958), feed mix workshop (1963), chemical fertilizer storage (1969), laboratory (1970), lucerne-meal factory (1973) and diary farm (1974). The 1st of January in 1993, the state farm transformed into joint-stock company, owned by the state. Some part of the company had been sold but the Holstein-friz diary farm in Békés, the acreage in Csárdaszállás and Bakucz, the seed processing factory and the headquarters of the farm remained and determined the current structure of the company. The 31st January in 2002, the company has undergone a significant change, it has been privatized, the majority owner is Murato Ltd. As a result of the restructuring, the engineering department became separated as well as plant production, seed processing and animal husbandry departments. The headquarters of the company is still situated in Murony. The average number of employees is 203. We are engaged in plant and seed production on 4000 ha on the integrated territory. The seed and milk quality is determined by the specification of ISO 9002 and HACCP. The main market of our seed is Germany. The company is also dealing with wild-stock farming and other related activities such as providing hunting service and catering industry. We hold a 2.600 ha hunting ground in Bélmegyer. In the game park you can shoot deer, wild-boar, rabbit and pheasant. Hunting service is only available during the official shooting season. The company possesses a hunting seat in the middle of the game park, surrounded closely by the forest. This locality is ideal for local and foreign hunters, tourists and is also available for any kind of events (e. g. family dinners, anniversaries, wedding celebrations, school leaving parties). Hidashát Inc. intends to realize in the future several technical and technological developments in order to improve its efficiency and profitability.

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