Hód-Mezőgazda Co. Ltd.

Hód-Mezőgazda Co. Ltd. H-6800 Hódmezővásárhely, Serháztér u. 2 Seed Production, Processing and Sales Division H-6805 Kútvölgy, Tanya 1541 Tel: (36) 62/535-070 Fax: (36) 62/229-298 E-mail: hodmag@hodmgrt.hu Built in 1961, our seed processing plant went through a series of modernization and extension stages to reach its current standard hallmarked by the brand-name HÓDMAG. With the new seed drying plant put into operation in 2002, the services offered by the seed plant reached an honourable European standard. How is this reflected in the figures? Annually, we integrate the production, high quality processing, and seed certification of: · 5000 tons of cereal seed; · 6000 tons of maize seed; · 500 tons of pea seed; and · 300 tons of sunflower seed. Stock seed is grown both on our own farms and under contract with local partners in an integrated production system. We produce a wide selection of Hungarian and foreign licensed strains for the domestic market. We sell our products to the end-users both on our own packing site and through a national commercial seed distribution network. Each year, our seed plant grows and processes significant quantities of seed under special contracts for a number of foreign seed houses for sale in the markets of the European Union. The several decades’ worth of dedicated professional work and the experience of our staff have made it possible for our seed plant to emerge as a hybrid seed production facility that produces quality seeds under the brand-name HÓDMAG to meet all the expectations of the European market. Within the field of seed production, Hód-Mezőgazda Rt has introduced and applies a quality management system in compliance with the EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

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