Interagro Co. Ltd.


Interagro Co.Ltd. was found in 1991. Our main activity is exporting Hungarian seeds including seed for plantation, oilseeds for the Vegetable Oil Industries, seeds for Human Consumption and birdfeeding. Also dealing with organic seed products. Our seed multiplications concentrated on fodder seed varieties as e.g. alfalfa, clovers, grass-seeds, oil-radish phacelia and mustard, According to the last few year’s tendency the biggest part of our turnover (over 2 M.EUR) is realising from birdfeeding export, especially from sunflower seeds. Our main trading markets in the EU are as follows; The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Greece and Portugal, however we have stable good business relationship with Switzerland, Norway, Ukraine and with other Non-EU countries as well.

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