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Rudolf Fleischmann Research Institute Brief history This institute was established in Kompolt in 1918. At present our Institute carries on its scientific activities in plant breeding and agrotechnology as one of the main organizational bodies of Róbert Károly College, Gyöngyös. Web: www.karolyrobert.hu Geographical division Kompolt lies on the southern edge of Mátra, 105km far from Budapest in northeast direction, 125m high above sea level, at the meeting point of the 47o45’ northern latitude and 20o15’ eastern longitude. The nearness of the Northern Central Mountains, its effect the austere trait of winters and arid continental character of weather which assure top quality breeding of such seeds that has very good ability of adaptation and are resistant to cold and aridity. Varieties and seeds supply: Winter barley: Varieties from Kompolt are grown on more than 30f Hungary’s planting area of winter barley. They have got excellent yield, very good lodging resistance and good adaptability to environmental effects. They are resistant to cold and aridity. Protein content of grain crop is high. They have high resistance towards causative agents. Six – rowed barley: KH Tas, Botond, KH Viktor, Lomerit, KH Turul; Two – rowed barley: KH Agria, KH Korsó, KH Malko, KH Ászok; KH Korsó and KH Malko can be used the best to beer production possess good gradedness, low protein content and excellent measures of qualities. Spring barley: Pasadena variety is grown on nearly 30f Hungary’s planting area of spring barley. These varieties are of large productivity and can highly tolerate aridity and atmospheric drought. They show good resistance towards fungus disease. Varieties used in beer production possess good gradedness and low protein content. Among these types PASADENA has the top most qualities of beer production measures. Malting barley: Pasadena, KH Lédi, Tocada; Fodder barley: KH Szofi, KH Dáma; Winter wheat: Borcsa, Kompolti 3, Flori 2; All varieties have got rather good adaptability to environmental effects. They are resistant to cold and aridity and they have high resistance towards causative agents. They tiller well. Borcsa and Kompolti 3 have got quite good quality crop for milling industrial use. Gluten content is high and dropping number is optimal. The Flori 2 can have banner crop. Oat varieties: Tikal, Abel; Tikal has the largest productivity from the Oat varieties grown in Hungary. Papilionaceae: Alfalfa: Verko, KM Norbert, KM Agro, CF Maraton, Sinesap; The Sinesap is free from saponinns. Red clover: Hungarotetra; Baltacim (O. viciifolia): Mátra; Coronilla varia: Kompolti; Soybean: Tarna; Chick pea: Pax, K. bordó; Yearling plant. Protein content of yield is high. Poppy - seed (white): KP-Albakomp; Hemp: We have 6 hemp varieties eligible for direct payments in EU: Kompolti, Kompolti Hibrid TC, Cannakomp, Lipko, Fibriko, Uniko-B. The breeding is focussed for low THC content, high fibre and oil content.

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