KITE, - abbreviation for Production Association for Maize and Industrial Crops – was established by nine cooperative farms as a non-profit organisation in 1972. KITE provided the requested services for its partner coop-farms on a yearly contracted basis. The coop-farms reimbursed KITE for its costs of services. KITE made no profit on these activities. In 1992 the Association with a few trade and industrial companies and banks established KITE Agricultural Services and Trade Co., which continued the activities of the previous Association. TASKS AND TARGETS: Development of technology After testing and adapting agricultural technologies, available in the world, as well as comparing the Hungarian scientific results with the international ones. KITE elaborates technologies of agricultural crop production which are suitable for the Hungarian producers. Trading activities In machinery, chemicals and fertilisers, irrigation equipments, seeds, environment care techniques, grain, spareparts, horticulture, field service of machines and equipments, repairing of units, consultation and professional trainings TRADE IN SEED AND HORTICULTURE KITE has got a leading role in the market of field crop seeds. KITE’s market share in maize seed: 18-20in rapeseed and sunflower seed: over 25in autumn cereals (wheat, barley, triticale, rye) seed is between 12-15We traditionally insist on using and installing new technologies, hybrids and varieties. Agronomical Development Department of the Seed Trade Divison carries out variety and agronomical trials in order to assure the professional background of trade in seed. The Horticultural Division deal with horticultural seeds, peat in bulk and in sacks, horticultural fertilisers, plastics and other horticultural inputs. KITE has 7 hectares young plants nurseries, where 35 million vegetable seedlings and 1 million flower seedlings is produced in a year. The main products are pepper (55 melons, grafted watermelons, pickling cucumber and cabbages plants. Our market share in green peas, green beans and sweet corn seed: 40 in other different vegetable species seed: 60 br />  

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