Kulcsár Sowing-Seed Production and Trading Ltd

The Kulcsár Sowing-Seed Production and Trading Ltd commenced operation in 2001 as a family enterprise, on a site of 1.5 hectares in area at Hajdúszoboszló. The main profile of the enterprise is the growing, production, processing and trading in green pea seeds.
During the past years the Ltd Co produced more than 35 kinds of green pea seeds on a total area of 1.500-1.700 hectares. The possibility for continuous watering is provided on one part of the area, thus the satisfactory crop yields are guaranteed.
Processing of the harvested crops takes place on two high capacity cleaning-machine lines, which are also fitted with dressing machines. Packaging of the cleaned goods can take place in a varied manner: from 100.000 seeds, through 100.000 germinated up to as much as 1.2 tons of Big bag packaging. Warehousing of the processed stocks is done in a storage shop of 3.200 m2 total area.
All of the company’s colleagues have a long past of dealing with seeds, during which they gained profound knowledge of their own areas, being acknowledge and having excellent expertise. One member of the company’s management has a specialist commercial diploma, and is capable of communicating in the English language.
The Ltd Co also carries out the preservation of 15 green pea varieties with the assistance of plant breeders, thus the basic material of suitable quality and purity is ensured year after year.
Our firm is prepared for satisfying all kinds of requirements and is sufficiently flexible, thus it is not surprising that we sell our products from small bag packaging, through canning and freezing industry right up to foreign exports. By this time our company became leader in peas seed sector in Hungary.
The standard for our successfulness is the satisfaction of our partners.


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