Emma Takács HIRKÁNÉ


Our firm is a small family owned enterprise, that is located in Békés county -South-East part of Hungary- wich is an old and traditional seed production area of the country. Our main activity is the onion seed production. We have a well-based technology background combined with a few decades experience. Our wholesaler’s activity is determined at onion and parsley seed trading these days. We also supply the hobby gardeners with seed, in this segment our partner is the GRAN-EXPORT Ltd. We are the owner of EMI onion variety that is our own selection. This variety has middle time of maturity, good for long storage. The characteristics of the variety are the next by normal density the shape is round, diameter 6-8 cm, at low density the size can go up 10-12 cm. We recommend intensive technology, good water and fertilizer supplyment for EMI. The high quality (over 90ermination ratio, 99urity) is in our focus during the seed production. The members of our family follow and control the whole production from seed to seed. Thanks to the good quality and reliability we have many-year-long business connection inland and abroad also both growers and traders. We do seed production for other companies as well. Our oldest partner in this field is a Czech seed company.


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