Pioneer Hi-Bred Hungary Kft.


Pioneer Hi-Bred in Hungary Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., a DuPont business, is the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics to farmers worldwide. DuPont is a science company, delivering science-based solutions that make a difference in people's lives in food and nutrition, health care, apparel, home and construction, electronics and transportation. Pioneer Hi-Bred Hungary Kft. with headquarters in Budaörs, Pioneer develops, produces and markets a full line of top-quality corn, sunflower, canola seed, inoculants and provides services to customers in Hungary. The first Pioneer seed plant in Eastern Europe was built in Szarvas, in 1995. Pioneer had invested more than 50 million dollars in Hungary. The seed is grown on more than 12-15000 hectares. Nowadays 35-40000 tons of seed is produced in Szarvas, which became the world biggest seed plant. 70% this seed is exported in nearly 20 countries. The seed which was produced in Szarvas can be found in Germany, Italy or even in Japan and New-Zealand. The Research Center in Hódmezővásárhely  develops hybrids of corn and sunflower for Eastern-European markets. Localized research results in products with top yield potential and necessary agronomic traits for all the major corn growing areas of the country. Technology traits are also available to help protect against insect and weed pressure. Pioneer has 7 Marketing areas in Hungary, and each marketing area has several promoters. Pioneer offers Hungarian corn and sunflower growers the industry's broadest lineup, with more than 30 unique and different Pioneer brand hybrids. Your nearby Pioneer sales professional can help you select the right hybrids for your farming operation. In the past years  Pioneer had made the biggest product change and developed numerous new corn  and sunflower hybrids to the Hungarian market.  Pioneer has launched the ExpressSunTM technology, which offers a unic weed controll solution to the Hungarian sunflower producers. Pioneer started activity in canola business in 2006. During the past three years Pioneer became one of the main players of Hungarian canola market. As an innovativ company Pioneer developed the MAXIMUS® brand, which means the semidwarf canola hybrids. Pioneer also offers inoculants for farmers in Hungary. A growing number of Pioneer production plants have become certified under the International Organizations of Standards „ISO 9001 program” in order to improve the company's ability to operate in a global environment. Our commitment to quality means we listen to our customers to understand their requirements for our products and services. This philosofy is the souce of extending the ISO system for Pioneer sales and marketing and trialing as well. We respond quickly and reliably to evolving customer needs and expectations, which guide the continual improvement of our business. - As found in The Long Look, The Pioneer way of doing business.


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