Saaten-Union Hungária Kft.


In 1965 seven medium-sized plant breeders formed SAATEN-UNION as a response to the increasingly difficult challenges facing national and international plant breeding. SAATEN-UNION is the organisation responsible for central marketing of all varieties for these companies in Germany and abroad. The SAATEN-UNION maintains a network of subsidiaries and representative offices in Europe. From the mutual exchange of breeding material from international partners and the examination under different conditions adapted sorts corresponding to real market conditions result. More than 40 crops are treated on more than 20 breeding stations and over 100 testing sites in and outside Germany. The range includes actually about 200 registered varieties. The strengths of SAATEN-UNION are the size of its international alliance and its experience in successful marketing of varieties. The company has long been intensively and successfully involved in the European seed market. A strong marketing team and ongoing market monitoring guarantee production of seed that’s right for the market. SAATEN-UNION is a force for innovation in plant breeding both in Germany and internationally. In many areas the marketing organisation has demonstrated its innovative capability, examples include the introduction of hybrid maize in northern latitudes, breeding nematode resistant catch crops, the introduction of hybrid rye, developing both hybrid winter rape and the first hybrid winter wheat licensed in Germany and the development of the new concept of autumn-spring sown wheat.

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