Törökszentmiklósi Mezőgazdasági Zrt.


Törökszentmiklós Agricultural Private Incorporated Company was found in 1993 by State Privatiation Holding Company, as general assign of Törökszentmiklós State Economy.


Crop Seed Processing

The main tasks of the crop fields are supply the seed processing plants with raw material and provide feed for the livestock department. Nearly 86�f arable land is irrigated. From the whole 1400 acres arable land is produced with seed-corn, including 850 acres of hybrid maize, 350 acres of wheat seed. Since 1996 we have been producing seed-corn as a key partner of Limagrain.
Average annual basis we produce is 1400 tonnes of seed-corn.

Seed Corn Plant

Our plant plays a prominent role in relation of seed corn plant in the country. Storage capacity is 20.000 tons, nominal capacity of our seed corn processing is 12.000 tons/year. Our company is the key partner of a French company Limagrain. Our corporation beyond the seed corn producing extends to the processing, seed distribution, storage, and logistic services. In 2009 we began an investment with Limagrain to establish a new seed corn processing plant with the currently most modern technology and we put it in operation on the 30th November, 2009.  In this plant runs the closed material flow which includes the received seed pre-cleaning, the classification and surface treatment of the finished packing up.


Cattle Breeding

Cattle-breeding is one of the most important activities of our company. Dairy farming (Holstein-Friz) is one of the largest cattle stock in the region. Currently we have 1.000 cattle, placed in Csorba and Szenttamás. Our cows produce average of 25.000 litres of milk per day. We would like to achieve a significant, the European Union norms satisfying upgrades in this field.



Our company has app. 8440 acres extensive hunting field, many small and large game can be found there. The field dispose high-quality deer population, their weight of trophy can be over 550 gram. The recorder of the year 2008 was 628 gram. A significant amount of pheasant and rabbit population also provides an excellent experience for both domestic and foreign hunters.



The tradition of horse breeding began in 1820’s in Szenttamás. The horses located in imposing stables of Almasy Castle. The magnificent castle and its surroundings are perfect for tourism purposes. From 2001 we keep dealing with out-breeding, buying horses from England, Germany and Poland. Our horse population contains 35 horses. Besides the sport horses the Lipizzaners also help in the tourism and horse-riding training and we also take part in the carriage driving sport.


Agricultural machine services

The service sector’s primary function is to fulfil the mechanized field work. With the available machine stores we can also provide machine services for farmers.


  • Tilling
  • Seedbed preparation for sowing
  • Plant care
  • Grass harvesting
  • Silage
  • etc.

We have significantly modernized our machine park.

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