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Presentation Although that our company has been operating under this name only 2002, we have been present in the plant seed branch almost for 20 years. During this time we have established reliable contacts with the producers and have well organized our sales too. Our activity covers mostly the counties in West-Hungary (Gyor – Moson – Sopron, Vas, Veszprém, Zala, Somogy) but we are in contact with great many international firms too. Our main profile is to let the seed produced, according to the demands of our partners by the farmers that we are in agreement with, within the frames of multiplication contracts. The produced seed is then prepared, sealed and provided with necessary documents and put at our partner’s disposal. Our activity covers chiefly the following plants: - (crimson- and red-)clovers - Mustard - Phazelia - Oil radish - (Italian, hybrid, Dutch) meadow-grass - Other grass sorts Besides the above listed plants, we are ready to find reliable and good farmers for multiplications products for partners from abroad. In addition, on the basis of our excellent connections at the domestic seed market, we are able to obtain other plant seeds and birdseed too. Don’t hesitate but contact us, we are at your disposal any time

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