Kruppa-Seed Ltd.


Kruppa-Seed activities:

  •  plant breeding
  • seed production
  • extension

Plant varieties officially registered by the state:

  • Potato – Pannónia (2005)
  • Triticale – Hungaro (2005)
  • Rye – Ryefood (2005)

Variety candidate (to be registered):

  • Alfalfa – Olimpia (2006) Plant breeding, propagation.


The potato variety Pannónia is an early variety with yellow skin and light-yellow flesh, high yielding capacity, good resistance to viruses that can be used for several purposes as table and summer French fried potato. The variety is maintained based on plants produced in vitro in my own biotechnological laboratory. The triticale variety Hungaro has the best flour and baking qualities, this is the number one table triticale variety in Hungary, but it is also a novelty in Europe and worldwide, using its flour alone, a tasty, good-quality standard bread can be baked. The rye variety Rye food is suitable both for human consumption and animal feeding, it has high yielding capacity and excellent biotic and abiotic resistance characteristics. The alfalfa variety Olimpia to be registered in 2006 is a variety with variegated flowers (Medicago varia), long life expectancy, high protein content, which can be grown successfully on soils with low fertility (e.g. sand) or on acidic soils. Extension In addition to plant breeding, variety maintenance and seed production. Seat of the company, head of the company Seat of the company: 22 Váralja Street, 4600 Kisvárda, Hungary Head of the company: Dr. József Kruppa, PhD, director


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