Balkányi Seed Ltd.

The Balkány Seed and seed-potato producing Ltd. (In short: Balkány Seed Ltd.) was established in 15. February 1992. The 18 years old company is the successor of the Balkány State Farm, which had decades of experience in seed, and seed-potato breeding. The company's owners are agricultural engineers István Bagoly, and Balázs Bagoly.

This family farm cultivates its own 174 hectares of land, and produces seeds in its own workshop, such as cereals (winter wheat, titicale), phacelia, and lupins. The Vajai 1, and Balkány 23 lupin varieties were bred by István Bagoly Sr., and István Bagoly Jr. These varieties' breeding for maintenance is also conducted here. Besides the main line of business the farm also has 10 ha of apple plantation, 54 ha grassland, 25 ha forest, and an apiculture. The latter's presence is more and more important at the – partially, or entirely -  insect-pollinated plants, such as apple, rapeseed, phacelia, sunflower, lupins, because of the decreasing biological diversity experienced nowadays.

The owners' main purpose is the sustainable agriculture. To this the key element is is the crop rotation system. The company is using this method since 2004 with success. In the next five years they are preparing for an even more diversified farming.

Our products:

  • Cereals: With the MV Csárdás, and GK Csillag winter wheat varieties the edible triticale-variety “Hungaro” is also produced, which might have an important place at the poorer soils of  the Nyírség region.
  • We wish to improve the Green manure seed production. Besides the Vajai 1 and Balkány 23 lupin varieties, phacelia-seed was introduced as a new product. Phacelia has almost disappeared from the area because of a new disease, which decimated the area's population. As the company's recent years' breeding efforts paid off, phacelia can be found at the disposal of the local farmers again.
  • One third of the company's land is used for non-seed oriented cultivation, with the following crops: maize, sunflower, and oilseed rape.

Balkány Seed Ltd. follows the founder family's traditions: Complying to the demands of our time, we conduct environment-conscious farming, which fully adapts to the structure of the local environmental conditions. With our products we create more than seeds. We create  long-term value in our region.

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