Broomcorn Ltd.


Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd. and its predecessor were engaged in broomcorn breeding since 1930, and its varieties cover the domestic demand of broomcorn seed to 100%. Hungarian varieties are grown in the countries of Middle and Eastern Europe as well.
The activity has been taken over and continued by Broomcorn Ltd. from 2009. The founder of the Broomcorn Ltd. and her family have invested researches in breeding this minor alternative crop for 50 years. Broomcorn Ltd. is the exclusive maintainer and seed distributor of broomcorn varieties of Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd.
The long branched panicle – so-called brush – is the only, natural basic material of broom industry. Broomcorn Ltd. as a unique entity in Hungary supplies the growers with outstanding varieties, seed and technology to produce good quality of brush-yield.
We determined as the objectives of our researches to increase the disease resistance and safety of yield.

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