Introduction of Hungarian Seed Association


The Hungarian Seed Association /HSA/ was founded in 1993. The necessity of the establishment was to ensure safe and undisturbed operation of the seed sector.

Its primary task is the harmonization of the interests of the entire seed industry (breeders, traders, multipliers, and processors) and the representation of negotiated positions via the state administration (Parliament, Ministry of Agriculture and its authorities). The HSA takes part in the codification work of the administration with opining draft proposals.


HSA is a non-profit organization its members can be either natural or artificial persons who are part of the seed sector. The membership is compulsory for those dealing with plant breeding, seed- multiplication, processing, trading and seed export-import according to the legislations in force.

Members pay membership fee as a contribution for the work of the Association. The fee is calculated proportionally based on the annual turnover from seed business of a company. Research and plant breeding institutes, large agricultural cooperatives, multinational seed companies and a large number of private companies are among of our members. At present Hungarian Seed Association represents more than 750 seed enterprises.


HSA represents the Hungarian seed sector at international events and shares the experience with the members to contribute to the successful operation of the sector.

HSA has connection with several regional and international seed organizations (ESA, CEPM, ISF, COPA-COGECA, Ukranian Seed Partnership Association) either as a member or as a collaborating partner.

HSA attaches great importance to enhance international relations of the Hungarian Seed Sector. The English database available on our website was intended to promote foreign businesses of our members.



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